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Product Updates

Optimize your inventory like never before.

Unlock unparalleled visibility into your retail operations with our cutting-edge solution. Detect anomalies, identify lost sales opportunities, and receive data-driven order suggestions—all in one platform.

Start optimizing your inventory here.

Collaborate effortlessly across departments

Experience seamless integration with over 90+ apps, enhancing your supply chain data, workflows, and processes. Unleash the power of unified intelligence.

Start integrating your data.

Supply Chain Leaders Connect & Share Insights

We hosted with great pride, our 2nd Edition Digital Transformation Council Roundtable Discussion. The event brought together distinguished industry leaders from renowned organizations. Their presence and participation enriched our discussion, as we engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas centered around leveraging concepts such as push analytics for improved decision-making to effectively navigating the path toward successful digital transformation.

We are immensely grateful for the overwhelming support we received. A special appreciation goes out to Craig Tate and Usman Barkat for their expert facilitation of the session. Your guidance and expertise played a pivotal role in making this event an outstanding success.

Watch our Latest Webinar: A Day in the Life of a Demand Planner Using Generative AI

From pulling 9 a.m. reports to generating intelligent insights—we share how Generative AI can make your work life better! Witness how this cutting-edge technology can reshape the life of a demand planner. Watch the webinar recording of Algo’s Cognitive Product Analyst, Najam Tirmizi, and Solutions Engineer, Randy Wallets, for an engaging walk-through of the benefits and use cases of generative AI in a supply chain demand planner’s day-to-day activities.

Algo at NASCES 2023

Will we see you at the highly anticipated North American Supply Chain Executive Summit (NASCES), taking place from September 11th to 13th, 2023 in Phoenix?

If you are attending NASCES this year, be sure to see our generative AI demand planning solutions in person – secure your demo at Booth #47.

Solution Spotlights with Customers

From Spreadsheets to AI-Powered Analytics

Even industry giants can face challenges with outdated, spreadsheet-based supply chain planning solutions. Embracing AI-based demand and inventory planning, they turned to Algo for cutting-edge solutions, improving visibility, and driving better analytics.

See their journey here

Mastering Retail Success: 7 Steps to Minimize Lost Sales 

Maintaining perfect inventory levels is easier said than done. Consumer demand can be unpredictable, and supply chain disruptions and rising costs add complexity. In our recent blog post, we delve into seven powerful steps that will revolutionize the way you handle inventory.

Never miss out on sales

If you’re looking to explore ways on optimizing your demand forecasting, our Supply Chain Intelligence experts can help. Reach out today!

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