Minimize lost sales.

Algo’s Lost Sales Optimizer (LSO) is an advanced, data-driven solution designed to address this problem, providing businesses with a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of lost sales and assisting them in optimizing inventory levels.

Algo’s Formula for Minimizing Lost Sales

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Unconstrained Forecast Generation

With Algo’s LSO, businesses can generate unconstrained forecasts at the item-location-day level using advanced analytics. This approach offers an accurate view of demand, helping businesses avoid stock shortages and missed sales opportunities.

Substitute Identification and Calculation

Through the application of machine learning, Algo’s LSO accurately identifies potential substitutes for lost sales. By adjusting the lost sales calculation based on the substitution rate, businesses can gain a better understanding of actual lost sales, leading to minimized lost sales opportunities and increased revenue.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Algo’s LSO provides real-time data analysis, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions quickly and effectively. This feature allows businesses to adapt swiftly to changes in customer demand and market trends, leading to increased sales and minimized lost sales opportunities.

Seamless Integration

Algo’s LSO solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems and processes, providing a coherent and effective solution for businesses to optimize their sales processes and minimize lost sales.

Algo Seamless Integration

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Anomaly Detection


Demand Substitution

Why Choose Algo’s Lost Sales Optimizer?

Understand your lost sales, optimize your inventory levels, and seize every sales opportunity. Choose Algo Lost Sales Optimizer and drive better business outcomes.


Accurate and comprehensive view of lost sales opportunities

Inclusion of substitution between products and channels in lost sales calculation

Versatile range of advanced analytics and machine learning techniques


Real-time data analysis and insights that improve sales and reduce inventory costs


Seamless integration with existing systems and processes


Global 24/7 support and full data security

Forecast at scale. Drive more business.