Demand planning software: Accurately forecast demand in complex markets

Demand planning tools and domain expertise that drive demand forecast accuracy across the product lifecycle.

Sharpen Your Forecasts, Drive Better Supply Chain Decisions

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Benefits of Algo’s Demand Planning Software

All the insights you need to make better forecasts

View all the insights you need to make better forecasts. Algo’s Demand Planning software replaces manual spreadsheets to help planners focus on strategic business analysis. Its visually rich interface helps your functional teams collaboratively create, analyze, and adjust omnichannel demand plans in real time.

Create, review, and approve forecasts in days, not weeks

Easily adjust demand forecasts at any level of the hierarchy, from accounts up to entire regions. Algo’s proprietary machine-learning models help you create, review, and approve forecasts in days, not weeks. Focus on managing exceptions for more agile decision-making.

Easily track forecast accuracy trends with weekly forecast versions

Algo uses AI to create dynamic demand forecasts for new items, promotions, end of life, and more. Unconstrained sell-through forecasts and visibility into lost sales help you proactively address inventory constraints. Easily track forecast accuracy trends with weekly forecast versions.

Align our solution to your processes and maximize value

Algo’s team of experts bridges the gap between Demand Planning and IT to provide all the support you need to align our solution to your demand planning process and maximize value. Unlimited training and iterative solution configuration help future-proof your investment.

Understand and actively shape customer demand, rather than simply react to it

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting involves the analytical process used to predict future customer demand. This insight aids businesses in planning inventory, production schedules, and logistics more efficiently. By aligning supply with anticipated demand, organizations can minimize excess inventory, enhance customer satisfaction, and make more informed decisions.

Demand Planning

With the initial understanding gleaned from forecasting, demand planning crafts detailed, strategic plans to meet anticipated demand. Think of it as the architect, translating forecasts into actionable strategies like resource allocation, budget planning, and performance monitoring.

Demand Sensing

Unlike the long-term focus of forecasting, demand sensing offers a real-time or near-real-time perspective. It leverages up-to-date data ensuring improved forecast accuracy, capturing quick market changes, sudden trends, and unforeseen events. Think of it as the radar system for demand planners, ensuring your picture is always current and accurate.

Demand Shaping

Armed with both forecasted and sensed demand, organizations can actively shape it to align with their capabilities and goals. Think of it as the sculptor, molding demand through promotional campaigns, price adjustments, product launches, and other marketing initiatives.

Demand Fulfillment

Finally, demand fulfillment brings everything to life. Think of it as the builder, meticulously executing the plan to deliver products or services to meet customer needs. This stage involves logistics, inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer service, striving for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Endorsement from an Industry Leader

Demand and inventory planning is in need of a transformation and the supply chain industry is ripe for modernization with AI-powered tools and connected platforms. In an environment marked by constant growth and escalating complexity, companies must adapt swiftly to fulfill evolving consumer demand.

Algo is at the forefront of facilitating this transformation, enhancing efficiency, and expediting the process. I anticipate that Algo will have a profoundly positive effect on a broader segment of the global supply chain, amplifying the pace of innovation that Algo customers have grown to rely on.”

Furhan Zafar

VP, Product Operations, Meta Reality Labs

Results and outcomes

Clients using Algo’s demand forecasting software typically observe marked improvements in operational efficiency and a streamlined pathway towards growth, thanks to better-informed strategic decisions. These enhancements are pivotal in elevating overall customer satisfaction and driving sales growth.

Forecast demand right. Stay in sync. Plan at scale. Request an Algo demo today.