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Enhance accuracy and efficiency in vendor managed inventory (VMI) to curtail replenishment costs, preventing missed sales prospects.

Enhance Accuracy with Efficiency in Vendor Managed Inventory

Amid shifting consumer trends from physical media to streaming, the entertainment sector undergoes significant transformations. This triggers financial challenges due to shrinking margins. Algo’s powerful VMI solution enhances inventory availability for media products. Its embedded advanced analytics facilitate precise orders and allocations with granular inventory insights.

Icon empower your studio with algo’s dynamic vmi solution

Empower Your Studio with Algo’s Dynamic VMI Solution

Algo’s robust VMI solution optimizes media product inventory availability. Advanced analytics drive accurate orders and allocations based on granular inventory insights, considering historical sales, open-to-buy data, seasonality, and placement requirements. Our smart clustering further simplifies item-location allocation, boosting overall effectiveness.

Icon harness automation for cost efficiency

Harness Automation for Cost Efficiency

Harness the power of automation to streamline replenishment operations and decrease the workforce engaged in these tasks, ultimately trimming associated expenses. Algo consistently delivers comprehensive analysis, offering diverse pathways for cost reduction and sales enhancement.

Icon go beyond monitoring and achieve a single source of truth

Go Beyond Monitoring and Achieve a Single Source of Truth

Seamlessly retrieve sales data for specific timeframes, even down to a single day, across multiple store locations. Delve into shipment particulars and inventory levels with ease. Algo’s influence expands to encompass replenishment tracking across diverse studios, culminating in a centralized, authoritative repository of information.

Icon accelerate implementation

Accelerate Implementation

Algo’s team of adept functional and technical experts expedites system enhancements, surpassing what the customer’s internal resources can achieve. We collaborate seamlessly with, addressing issues and suggesting new capabilities that amplify can competitiveness in a dynamic industry landscape.

The Algo Results

Increase in product availability
Decrease in out-of-stocks
Reduction in ordering time

The Algo Solutions

Algo demand planning

Demand Planning

Algo inventory planning

Inventory Planning

Algo merchandise planning

Merchandise Planning

Algo replenishment planning

Replenishment Planning

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