Optimize demand forecasting with an AI-enabled platform.

Algo’s Demand Forecasting as a Service (DFaaS) provides a reliable and outcome-driven solution with intelligent and accurate demand forecasts, while expert teams handle data integration and updates.

Navigating the Most Pressing Challenges in Demand Forecasting


Complexity of putting together comprehensive forecasts, down to granular item or account level


Limited resources available into putting together intelligent and accurate forecasts


Not being able to easily view and understand the accuracy of the forecast


Not being able to have flexibility to see the forecasts in different ways


Not being able to be quickly alerted of forecast exceptions


Not being able to quickly see a view of constrained forecast

Why choose Algo DFaaS?

Algo DFaaS combines your first-party data, domain-specific third-party data, and proprietary machine learning models to deliver highly accurate, layered forecasts across short, medium, and long-range time horizons. These accurate forecasts promote increased revenue and cost reductions by enabling better inventory planning decisions, and are meticulously reviewed and curated by Algo’s data scientists and supply chain experts.

Algo DFaaS offers a comprehensive solution to improve forecast accuracy and efficiency. With Algo’s expertise, your organization can better manage inventory and ensure customer satisfaction, leading to increased revenue and profitability.


Expert team for global support

Algo’s team of demand planners and data scientists ensure high-quality forecasts and continuous improvement, while providing round-the-clock support for any issues or inquiries.


Seamless integration

Algo DFaaS integrates with existing systems, maximizing the platform’s benefits while reducing the need for manual data entry.


Unlimited platform users

The platform accommodates an unlimited number of users, promoting cross-functional collaboration and decision-making.

Deliver high-accuracy forecasts. Increased profitability.