Retail Supply Chain Software

See what’s in store with a fully connected and intelligent retail supply chain.

Drive Accuracy with Unified Planning

Imagine a world where forecasting demand is possible from store to SKU levels. By integrating every facet of the supply chain, we enable retailers to forecast and respond to demand at the chain, store, and SKU levels with unparalleled precision. Experience streamlined management of promotions, pricing, and assortment within the retail supply chain, transforming complexity into opportunity.

Accelerate Decision-Making with Agile Planning

Our state-of-the-art automated forecasting solutions revolutionize your team’s workflow. By minimizing time-consuming manual processes, they liberate your teams to focus on activities that add real value. The result? A nimble, responsive approach to planning that empowers quicker decisions, fosters innovation, and drives your business forward.


Prepare for the Unexpected

We provide the tools to account for every possible business scenario. Whether you’re a retailer looking to navigate seasonal shifts or a manufacturer aiming to optimize production, our planning tools ensure that you’re ready for anything. By leveraging data-driven insights, our platform maximizes business objectives across all functions, ensuring alignment, efficiency, and success.

Efficiently Manage Complex Assortments

As a retailer, managing a diverse range of products cost-efficiently is crucial. With Algo, ensure that the right products are in the right places at the right times, keeping sales from slipping through your fingers.


Unparalleled Machine Learning Expertise

We don’t just process your data; we transform it into a strategic asset. Through our innovative algorithms and deep retail insights, we craft actionable intelligence, razor-sharp forecasts, and pinpoint promotions designed to resonate with your audience.

The Algo Results

Increase in product availability
Decrease in out-of-stocks
Reduction in ordering time

The Algo Solutions

Algo demand planning

Demand Planning

Algo inventory planning

Inventory Planning

Algo merchandise planning

Merchandise Planning

Algo replenishment planning

Replenishment Planning

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Transform planning into a competitive advantage, and make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive retail success.