Retail Supply Chain Software

Algo revolutionizes retail supply chains, making complex decision-making swift and strategic to adapt to changing consumer preferences and ensure business growth.

Challenges faced by Retail Supply Chains

Inventory Optimization

Retailers strive to maintain optimal inventory levels to meet demand while avoiding stockouts and excess stock. Sophisticated forecasting methods and robust inventory management systems are essential for achieving this balance, with technologies like AI and machine learning aiding in optimization.


Omni-channel Integration

With the proliferation of digital channels, seamless integration across physical stores, e-commerce platforms, and social media is critical for retailers. Achieving this integration requires synchronizing inventory, order fulfillment, and customer data across channels to enhance the shopping experience.

Last-Mile Delivery Challenges

The last-mile delivery presents significant hurdles for retailers, balancing customer expectations for fast delivery with logistical complexities. Strategic partnerships with logistics providers and investments in data-driven solutions can improve delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction despite urban congestion and unpredictable routes.

Why Retail Clients Trust Algo

Our retail clients leverage Algo for its groundbreaking ability to streamline demand planning and product allocation across multiple categories, ensuring operational excellence and significant efficiency gains. The versatile platform fosters strong collaborative partnerships in order to achieve ambitious financial and operational targets, while also enabling rapid adaptation to market changes and strategic expansion into new sectors.

Accelerate Decision-Making with Agile Planning

Our state-of-the-art automated forecasting solutions revolutionize your team’s workflow. By minimizing time-consuming manual processes, they liberate your teams to focus on activities that add real value. The result? A nimble, responsive approach to planning that empowers quicker decisions, fosters innovation, and drives your business forward.

Prepare for the Unexpected

We provide the tools to account for every possible business scenario. Whether you’re a retailer looking to navigate seasonal shifts or a manufacturer aiming to optimize production, our planning tools ensure that you’re ready for anything. By leveraging data-driven insights, our platform maximizes business objectives across all functions, ensuring alignment, efficiency, and success.

Why choose Algo Forecast Engine
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Efficiently Manage Complex Assortments

As a retailer, managing a diverse range of products cost-efficiently is crucial. With Algo, ensure that the right products are in the right places at the right times, keeping sales from slipping through your fingers.

Unparalleled Machine Learning Expertise

We don’t just process your data; we transform it into a strategic asset. Through our innovative algorithms and deep retail insights, we craft actionable intelligence, razor-sharp forecasts, and pinpoint promotions designed to resonate with your audience.

Why choose Algo Forecast Engine

Learn how Target Optimized Demand Planning and Retail Product Allocation Across Multiple Categories with Algo

“Target and Algo have expanded on our partnership continuing to build on the strong relationship within the books category. Continuing to leverage the spirit of collaboration across suppliers, Target and Algo, leveraging the Algo system to improve store by product allocations and to partner with Algo to solve  business problems and innovation. We are very excited to continue this journey both for locally replenishment and overseas orders as well as expanding across categories from traditional areas like home and toys to apparel, footwear and accessories.”

Nicole Szudja, General Manager of Merchandise, Target

The Algo Solutions for Retail

Demand Planning

Essential for predicting customer demand, enabling retailers to optimize stock levels, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring product availability without overstocking.

Inventory Planning

Focuses on maintaining optimal inventory levels, minimizing holding costs and stockouts while maximizing sales and profitability through efficient stock management and turnover.

Merchandise Planning

Aligns inventory with sales strategies, ensuring the right product mix and quantities are available to meet customer preferences, seasonal trends, and promotional activities, enhancing sales potential and customer experience.

Replenishment Planning

Ensures continuous product availability by timely restocking of goods based on sales velocity and forecasted demand, reducing stockouts and maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Transform planning into a competitive advantage, and make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive retail success.