Inventory Planning and Optimization Software: Matching Demand in Real Time

Expert recommendations for high-precision omnichannel inventory plans.

Manage Your Inventory with
Precision and Agility


Direct Inventory Planner

Managing direct accounts in a global scope requires a blend of accuracy, foresight, and responsiveness. Algo’s Direct Inventory Planner is crafted for the inventory professionals focused on direct retail partners, empowering them to predict, control, and optimize inventory with agility.

Indirect Inventory Planner

Manage inventory sent to distributors with ease, who supply your indirect retail accounts. Algo Indirect Inventory Planning ensures visibility, control, and robust distributor relationships, enabling timely and effective inventory transfers.

Algo’s formula for inventory planning excellence

Agility at Scale

Easily adjust dynamic inventory availability and forecast plans. Algo’s proprietary machine-learning models create dynamic inventory management scenarios that help you focus on locations with too much or too little inventory. Achieve optimal outcomes by consistently sending the right inventory to each location.

Precise Inventory Optimization

Algo creates precise inventory projections and efficiently allocates your constrained inventory. Improve relationships and increase trust by minimizing stockouts at retailer locations. Accurately calculated forward weeks of supply helps you align your inventory levels with anticipated sales.


Functional and Technical Experts

Algo’s team of experts bridges the gap between Channel Operations and IT to provide all the support you need to align our inventory solution to your processes and maximize value. Unlimited training and iterative solution configuration help future-proof your investment.

Key Inventory Planning Features

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

Reduce costs and rapidly respond to market changes with the right inventory plan. Algo's inventory planning solution provides the agility and flexibility you need to efficiently meet projected demand across your supply chain. Track the status of all purchase orders and deliveries. Our inventory planning experts help you find opportunities and proactively address issues.

Constrained Lifecycle Planning

Achieve faster time to market with end-to-end visibility of product availability. Algo's inventory planning helps you achieve the highest return on your constrained inventory. Create precise inventory plans for new items, from launch to end of life. Adjust inventory levels, make seasonal changes, and optimize inventory for promotion plans.

Embedded Advanced Analytics

Discover insights that offer the highest impact to your inventory management KPIs. Algo enhances your inventory planning experience with advanced inventory analytics. Model full downstream scenarios for faster decision-making. Run what-if scenarios to manage seasonal demand. Quickly identify anomalies at the store or account level.

Collaborative Planning

Keep all your plans, teams, and processes in sync. Algo Inventory Planning delivers omnichannel visibility and true cross-functional collaboration for your organization’s supply chain, sales, and finance teams. Spend less time explaining your numbers across manual spreadsheets and focus on creating the best possible inventory optimization plan.

Data Integration and Aggregation

Break down the departmental silos that constrain visibility. Algo’s 90+ pre-built integrations unify data from enterprise applications, open-source platforms, and other data sources from across your supply chain. Our data aggregation and cleansing ensure that your decisions are always informed by accurate and complete business information.

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Results and outcomes

Clients using Algo’s software typically observe marked improvements in operational efficiency and a streamlined pathway towards growth, thanks to better-informed strategic decisions. These enhancements are pivotal in elevating overall customer satisfaction and driving sales growth.

Frequently asked questions

A great inventory plan begins with timely, accurate, and granular demand forecasts. A clear understanding of weekly unconstrained demand for each item and location is essential for short to mid-range planning. By comparing sell-thru forecasts with available product quantities, inventory planners can optimize account and channel allocation, replenishment cycles, and more.

Optimize inventory. Stay in sync. Plan at scale.