End-to-end supply chain optimization.

Reimagine the potential of sales and operations planning. Gain meaningful and actionable insights that drive ROI.

Advanced Analytics

Insights Studio

Actionable supply chain insights that enable operational, strategic and tactical decision making. Achieve profitability and growth objectives with advanced analytics.


A Model Supply Chain

Simulations Studio

Scenario plans that layer multiple forecast methodologies, price variables, seasonality, unforeseen disruptions, localization – if it can impact your supply chain, Algo can simulate it.


You, Your Team + Algo

Collaboration Studio

When you marry Algo’s inventory insights and simulations with leading communication platforms, operational decision making to improve efficiencies, profitability and growth gets easier.


Actionable supply chain insights that drive ROI.

Algo takes care of the heavy data-crunching, freeing you to focus on actions that will have the greatest business impact. We help you improve sell-through, right-size store inventory, and reduce returns driving efficiency through your entire supply chain.



We reimagine the potential of sales and operations planning with automated, data-driven workflows and deep supply chain analysis.



We provide a foundation of rich actionable insights that free business users to confront their toughest challenges with confidence.



Together, we make space to go beyond everyday concerns and answer the big questions that lead to sustained results.

Take a look at your supply chain with fresh AI.

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Digital Supply Chain Twin

Simulate & visualize what-if scenarios.

Algo enables business users to more accurately predict outcomes using digital twin models, creating what-if scenarios based on unlimited combinations of planned and unplanned events.


Intelligent workflow & process automation.

Algo is constantly looking for new ways to help by taking on the heavy lifting associated with data aggregation and prep, deep analytics and workflow automation, freeing business users to focus on strategy and execution.

Sales & operations planning insights to take on your toughest challenges.

Built-In Flexibility

Clustering On-Demand

Identify Exceptions

Anomaly Detection

Calculate & Correct

Lost Sales Simulation

Right Inventory, Right Store

Store Allocation

Maximize Margin

Price Elasticity

Accuracy & Optimization

Short & Long-Range Forecasting

Understand Impact

Promotion Planning

Right Mix, Right Rack

Assortment Simulation

Track and Measure

Marketing Spend Simulation

Collaboration Studio

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