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Algo’s analytics-enriched platform helps suppliers and retailers collaboratively plan and simulate efficient supply chain operations.

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Realize the potential of supply chain planning. Gain meaningful and actionable insights that drive ROI.

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Supply chain planning solutions for leading omnichannel enterprises

Maximize omnichannel visibility, agility, and efficiency across cross-functional teams.

Approach customer success holistically
Unified, Cross-Functional Visibility

Demand Planning

Instantly access omnichannel information across teams for better forecast decisions. Dynamically adjust and visually analyze plans at any level. Compare multiple constrained and unconstrained forecast versions for accurate, agile planning.

Demand Planning

Inventory Planning

Dynamically run inventory management scenarios. Optimally allocate constrained inventory to minimize stockouts and mitigate risk. Instantly adjust dynamic inventory availability and forecast plans. Quickly identify items and accounts that need attention.

Inventory Planning

Replenishment Planning

A single source of truth for on hand, in transit, and planograms. Rank all store-item combinations to create precise orders and allocations for any channel. Run dynamic “what-if?” scenarios for optimized receipts and resilient order management.

Replenishment Planning

Merchandise Planning

Compare assortment, pricing, and promotion scenarios to make smarter decisions that optimize margin. View available inventory to plan pricing and promotions in real time. Use optimized lifecycle management for higher in-stocks and sell-through.

Merchandise Planning

Praise from our valued customers

“When we started work with Algo we were hoping for better visibility into what was happening in our channel – what we got was real time understanding, analytics, anomaly detection and for the first time a predictive perspective.  Algo not only listened, they took our feedback, understood our pain points and then turned that into actionable insights. Algo helped us turn a problem into an opportunity in one of the toughest times for Supply Chain globally.”

David Warrick

Former Global Supply Chain General Manager & Innovation Officer at Microsoft

Algo Modernizes Microsoft’s Exchange of Business Data with Amazon

Algo reduced manual data management efforts by setting up automatic SP-API feeds from Amazon to Microsoft. During data integration, Algo performed comprehensive data validation that led to the identification and recovery of significant lost sales.

Amazon API Case Study

A rich collection of supply chain services and features that drive success

Predictive power and complete visibility for smarter supply chain planning.

Frequently asked questions

Algo is humanizing the way organizations turn insights into opportunity across the supply chain. Our AI-empowered team of experts understands each facet of your business and generates actionable insights that increase your efficiency and profitability. Automated, data-driven workflows and expert analysis deliver unparalleled operational visibility to retailers, distributors, and manufacturers, enabling them to creatively solve their toughest challenges. Algo’s team believes that AI shouldn’t just provide answers; it should reshape the way people experience data.

Supply chain strategy or strategic supply chain management is an approach for developing a supply chain that consistently achieves an organization’s strategic objectives. Such an approach requires an organization to effectively balance the management of its suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers to meet consumer expectations and demand for the lowest possible cost.
Accurately forecasting demand and sales must rely on the collection and analysis of data. You need a comprehensive model of historical sales, current growth patterns, market trends, and external demand-driving factors like climate, seasonality, supplier shortages, and the evolving competitive landscape, A data-driven approach to forecasting is an essential component of any competitive, resilient supply chain.
Improving visibility starts with the collection, cleansing, and integration of data across your entire supply chain, from suppliers to customers. The resulting data model acts as the single source of truth that generates rich, intuitive business intelligence. Finally, this business intelligence needs to be presented in a format that makes it easy for your organization’s cross-functional teams to interpret and act upon.

Amazon Commerce API offers several benefits for businesses, the most notable of which are data visibility and data timeliness. The Amazon Commerce API provides Selling Partners with the ability to see all of their data in one place, as well as the ability to synchronize that data with their own internal order management and systems. This allows Selling Partners drive inventory optimization and minimize lost sales using new insights via Amazon SP API.

Our supply chain experts measure their individual performance against the positive business outcomes they create for our customers. By taking an immersive, consultative approach to customer service, our team becomes an organic extension of your team. We apply decades of domain-specific functional and technical experience to customizing our platform in ways that best fit your organization’s needs.
Data management and data migration are core components in Algo’s solution offerings and engagement model. Our professional services include a dedicated Algo account manager who helps integrate, cleanse, reconcile, and validate your business data to ensure that it is current and accurate at all times. We use the latest Azure-native cloud solutions to securely store and efficiently process your information.
Yes. From the moment you pilot our product, we begin configuring our platform to address your unique set of operational challenges. As your needs evolve, we take an iterative approach to solution configuration to ensure your unique implementation of the Algo platform remains a perfect fit for your organization. Furthermore, as Algo continues to innovate, your business can choose to implement new capabilities.
Analytics are the key to achieving an optimal balance of efficiency and resilience for your organization’s unique supply chain. Analytics predict future demand from historical data on sales, replenishment, and market trends. Insights from operational and supplier data reduce costs and improve GMROI. Store and product clustering, customer segmentation, and anomaly detection simplify planning and mitigate risk.

Unmatched speed of implementation
Algo has completed enterprise-level SP-API adoption projects in as little as 5 weeks. Algo’s proven methods for accelerated SP-API adoption remove risk and ensure success, helping your business achieve fully compliant integration in a matter of weeks.

Seamless integration with Azure and AWS

Algo seamlessly integrates SP-API data with data lakes, data warehouses, and other business systems on both Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Variety of data types of SP-API data.
Algo has helped large Amazon Selling Partners integrate all types of SP-API data with their organization’s information systems.

Professional data management support
Algo validates Selling Partners’ SP-API data to ensure completeness and accuracy with the help of Algo’s data engineers and functional experts. Algo maps data according to the client’s internal data schemas. During validation, we have helped our clients discover millions of dollars’ worth of missing sales data that had gone unreported.