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Challenges faced by Pharmaceutical and Biotech Supply Chains


Ensuring Product Integrity and Quality Control

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries face the challenge of maintaining product integrity and quality throughout the supply chain, necessitating adherence to strict regulatory standards and cold chain logistics for temperature-sensitive products. This complexity is heightened by the global sourcing of raw materials, which adds layers of geopolitical and regulatory risk.

Supply Chain Visibility and Transparency

Achieving full visibility and transparency in the supply chain is a significant hurdle, with many companies struggling to track and trace products effectively. This lack of transparency leads to inefficiencies and increases the risk of counterfeiting and product diversion, undermining patient safety and trust.


Adapting to Demand Volatility

The industry must manage increasing volatility in demand, influenced by sudden disease outbreaks, regulatory shifts, and changes in healthcare policies. This unpredictability requires the development of agile and responsive supply chain strategies to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and ensure consistent supply of essential medications.

Why Pharma and Biotech Clients Trust Algo

Leveraging Algo’s advanced analytics and AI-driven supply chain optimization, pharmaceutical and biotech firms unlock enhanced end-to-end visibility, empowering them to effectively track and trace products while upholding regulatory compliance.

The Algo platform facilitates real-time monitoring of supply chain operations, enabling proactive identification and mitigation of risks, such as supply shortages or quality issues. Algo’s solution optimizes manufacturing processes and inventory management through data-driven insights, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to dynamic market conditions. Enhanced collaboration with suppliers streamlines coordination, mitigating errors and delays.

Ultimately, Algo’s solution fortifies resilience and efficiency in pharmaceutical and biotech supply chains, ensuring dependable delivery of high-quality products worldwide.


Enhanced End-to-End Transparency

Easily adjust dynamic inventory availability and forecast plans. Algo’s proprietary machine-learning models create dynamic inventory management scenarios that help you focus on locations with too much or too little inventory. Achieve optimal outcomes by consistently sending the right inventory to each location.

Enhanced Supplier Collaboration

Attaining comprehensive, end-to-end transparency throughout your worldwide supply chain dismantles isolated compartments, transforming the entire operation into a more strategically aligned entity. Any alteration at any point within the supply chain reverberates throughout the network, empowering each facet to promptly identify challenges and respond with heightened agility.

Functional and Technical Experts

Quick and Smart Decisions in the Medical Device Field

Use scenario-based planning to explore various options before making changes. Understand the impact across your company for confident choices. Our fast analysis empowers agility in dealing with market changes.

Elevated Prediction Precision

With Algo, you get continuous analytics which you can gauge the effects of sudden shifts in demand, supply, and capacity in real time. Swiftly initiate solutions, eliminating wastage of time and resources.


How Arrotex Improved Its Supply Chain by Integrating Replenishment Planning with Demand Forecasting

“In order to improve our service levels to the consumer, the pharmaceutical industry must transform its supply chain. Arrotex envisage Algo as integral in helping facilitate this transformational change. Phase 1 of the program was to introduce Algo’s automated replenishment platform for dispensary and over the counter drugs. The results have seen an operational shift from the pharmacist monitoring stock levels, shifting focus on servicing the customer.”

Dennis Bastas, Chairman and CEO, Arrotex

The Algo Solutions for Pharma and Biotech

Demand Planning

Demand planning software benefits pharmaceutical companies by providing a central hub for all demand and supply data, allowing for better coordination and real-time adjustments in an industry facing increasing complexity.

Inventory Planning

By implementing inventory optimization software, pharmaceutical companies can gain real-time insights into their stock levels, minimize stockouts and expired drugs, and optimize storage space, leading to reduced costs and improved efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Merchandise Planning

By using merchandise planning software, pharmaceutical companies can optimize shelf space allocation based on historical sales data and customer trends, improve product visibility and accessibility, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales.

Replenishment Planning

By implementing replenishment planning software, pharmaceutical companies can gain real-time insights into demand and stock levels, automate reorder processes, and optimize inventory levels to minimize stockouts, reduce carrying costs, and ensure efficient supply chain management.

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