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Supply Chain Planning is a craft. We believe the best run supply chains are adaptive, transparent and collaborative. They are built on the foundation of planning, course correction, execution and resilience capabilities.

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Algo makes your supply chains easy to perceive, plan and manage through our methods of segmentation, automation, what-if planning simulations, and visualizations.

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Our journey to help build adaptive supply chains.

In 2008, Amjad Hussain and his team set out to create an innovative SaaS platform that would revolutionize the way businesses plan and manage their supply chains. The idea? To use data, AI and human creativity and collaboration for improved transparency, connectivity and automation between suppliers and retailers. Algo’s mission from the very first day has been to automate any mechanistic supply chain planning and execution tasks and workflows, free-up time the most scarce resource and provide a rich collaborative planning platform for supply chain practitioners to come together to a point of decision and smart action.

After two years of hard work, dedication and a humble beginning, Algo continued to evolve. Amjad together with the Algo team built a cloud-based Inventory Optimization platform that provides a comprehensive suite of inventory planning tools. The software allowed users to optimize sell-thru, in-stock levels, lost sales avoidance and inventory productivity by keeping total inventory below the desired levels. Algo delivered these goals with its proprietary methods producing a high fidelity and useful demand forecast combined with high inventory allocation accuracy and smart replenishment response.

In 2016, Algo launched its AI-powered next generation SaaS platform for making better decisions and improving business outcomes with a virtual business analyst designed specifically for helping businesses make those tough calls in limited time frames using cutting edge technology.

As the technology landscape evolved, Algo evolved. Algo’s success led them on our path towards greater things. By early 2017, it was clear there’s no slowing down for the team. Algo’s platform gained widespread adoption and started optimizing over 1 billion SKU-location combinations for its customers worldwide.

Algo cultivated close relationships within the physical packaged media, consumer electronics, computing devices and cell phone industry and expanded from there. Algo has experienced significant growth and adoption for diversified product categories and supply chains and landed several Fortune 500 companies as their customers to help them with their supply chain planning and optimization needs.

Combined Person Years of Business & Technology Experience
Team Members Around the Globe
Fortune 500 Customers and rapidly growing

Collaborate better. Automate the obvious. Make smart, transparent decisions.

​​At Algo, we put the world’s brightest minds and methods to work in the most challenging, expansive, and critical industries in the history of humankind—supply chain.

AI isn’t like other methods and technologies. It’s an extension of the way we think. It can observe and learn, automate the mechanistic tasks and workflows and has the power to reshape the way people interact with complex data to make informed decisions in a broader context. At Algo, our mission is to use AI to humanize how companies transform information into opportunity and action, breathing new life into our understanding of supply and demand planning, and giving supply chain practitioners superior solutions to solve real-world problems and achieve much more for their organizations.

Shaping the future of the adaptive, transparent and collaborative supply chains.

To be the platform and partner of choice by supply chain professionals and become the benchmark of supply chain intelligence across industries.

We do our work with our own full-time dedicated people from building our platform to integrating & implementing and the on-going customer success. 100% of our implementations are successful and customers referenceable. Customer success is a key part of the on-going Algo experience. We partner with you on leveraging Algo platform and people to optimize desired business outcomes.

Meet our team of visionaries.

portrait of Amjad Hussain, one of the author for Algo podcast and the CEO of Algo
Amjad Hussain
Chair + Chief Executive Officer
Adam Moy
Adam Moy
Chief Information Officer
Emily Slavik
Chief Product Officer
Adeel Hafeez
Sr. Manager, Business Innovation
Afzaal Hamzah
Chief Cloud Architect
Alan Poussaint
Alan Poussaint
Chief Financial Officer
Ali Farooq
Sr. Data & AI Architect
Amanda Duellman
Product Manager
Ambar Monge
VP, Customer Success & Implementations
Amir Khan
Chief AI Solutions Architect
Amy Cooper
Sr. Enterprise Account Executive
Angee Lidke
Product Manager
Asif Siddiqui
Sr. Director, BI Product Management
Bob Doyle
Head of Global Sales
Craig Tate
Chief Operating Officer
Usman Nasir
VP, Operations
Cindy Steinhauser
VP, Integration & Implementations
Dan Ahearn
Sr. Enterprise Account Executive
Dan Overcash
Sr. Enterprise Account Executive
Doug Grossman
SVP, Strategic Development
Farhad Hussain
Sr. Manager, Technical Product Management
Frank Bitondo
Director, Supply Chain Solutions
Gerry Daly
Gerry Daly
SVP, Category Management
Heidi Turk
Chief Customer Success Officer
Jason Kummerl
Chief Technology Officer
Jayne Salembier
VP, Retail Solutions
Jeremy Martin
Director, Customer Success & Implementations
Jill Cotten
Sr. Manager, Category Management
Kevin Tsui
Demand Planning Manager
Mark Calvaruso
Sr. Business Solutions & Project Manager
Muhammad Mateen
AI Solutions Architect
Najam Tirmizi
Cognitive Product Analyst
Obaid Farooqi
Manager, Business Innovation
Peter Fishman
VP, New Product Planning
Phil Dean
VP, People & Culture
Scott Sellers
VP, Supply Chain Intelligence
Tom Bond
Director, Customer Success & Implementations
Usman Barkat
Chief Innovation Officer
Zaheer Akhtar
Head Of Technical Talent Management & People Excellence
Zubair Anjum
Zubair Anjum
GM, International Operations

Meet our board members.

Kate Nadolny
Kate Nadolny
Board Member
Kevin Terrasi
Kevin Terrasi
Board Member
Peter Fehl
Peter Fehl
Board Member
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson
Board Member
Kasey Grabe
Kasey Grabe
Board Observer

Meet our Advisory Board.

David Warrick
Chair, Algo Advisory Board
Andy Tay
Senior Managing Director at Accenture
David Bingenheimer
EVP & Chief Information Officer at Ecolab
Dov Shenkman
VP, Global Supply Chain at Medtronic
Furhan Zafar
Senior Director, Sustaining Product Operations & Accessories at Meta
Mitat Aydindag
President, North America & Brazil at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions
Suzanne O’Toole
GM, Cloud Operations & Innovation at Microsoft
Tony Bacos
SVP & Chief Digital Officer at Frontdoor
Yasmeen Ahmad
Managing Director, Product Activation, Data & Analytics at Google

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