About us.

We are an end-to-end supply chain optimization software company. Our software helps business users optimize sales & operations planning to avoid stock outs, reduce returns and inventory write downs, while reducing inventory investment. We enable smart supply chains through our advanced analytics insights, simulations and unique collaborative experience.

Our Mission

AI isn’t like other tools. It’s an extension of the way we think.

It can learn, and listen, and has the power to reshape the way people experience data.

At Algo, we use technology to humanize how companies transform information into opportunity, breathing new life into our understanding of supply and demand, and giving retailers, distributors and manufacturers a chance to achieve more for their organizations.

Turning insights into opportunity.



We reimagine the potential of sales and operations planning with automated, data-driven workflows and deep analysis.



We provide a foundation of rich insights that free business users to confront their toughest challenges with creativity and confidence.



Together, we make space to go beyond everyday concerns and ask the big questions that lead to sustained results.

Algo speaks your language.

Data is highly dimensional and diverse in nature. It takes a lot of time to prepare data leaving less time to actually perform analytical work. Algo takes care of the “getting-your-data-ready” part of analytical work.


Algo lets you see your data.
Algo lets you talk to your data in your business language.
Algo learns your terms and nomenclature, expanding its vocabulary in the process.
Algo makes data accessible to everyone.
Algo recognizes there is one past and many possible futures.
Algo helps you simulate multiple future scenarios and
collaborates with you to identify optimal business outcomes.
Algo is always on, mining your data to identify actionable insights.
Algo optimizes your supply chain by bringing you closer to your data.

Our creative intelligence.

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Insights to take on your toughest challenges.

We provide a foundation of meaningful and actionable insights that drive ROI.

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