Journeys by Algo: Decision Intelligence for Your Supply Chain

Automated business intelligence to inform your demand and inventory planning for better business outcomes.

A Game-Changer in Demand Planning Innovation

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Effortlessly Capture and Classify Insights

Effortlessly delve into analytics and data, pinpointing and categorizing valuable insights in real-time. Our platform enables users to swiftly identify, classify, and archive pivotal moments, allowing companies to maintain a competitive edge and capitalize on opportunities that might otherwise slip by unnoticed. Stay ahead of the curve by harnessing the power of timely insights.

Enable Real-Time Collaboration

Facilitate seamless collaboration by sharing insights and opportunities with team members in real-time. Enable your teams to collaborate swiftly, ensuring quick responses to challenges and rapid exploitation of emerging opportunities.

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Journeys by Algo Intelligence

Transform Insights into Actionable Intelligence

Convert analytics into actionable strategies, utilizing real-time data to gain a competitive edge. Streamline the analytics process by delivering valuable insights and opportunities directly to users in real-time, minimizing the reliance on manual data exploration

Unlock the Future of Demand Planning Innovation with Journeys by Algo

Download our guide and learn how to leverage advanced analytics, real-time monitoring, and personalized recommendations – all geared towards improving customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

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Key Benefits of Journeys:

Use Cases

Context-Aware Collaboration

Share and act on insights with real-time data stories.


Scenario Planning

Visualize impacts on KPIs through what-if simulations.


Pushed Analytics

Uncover patterns and insights automatically, enhancing decision-making processes.

Praise from our valued customers

“By bridging the gap between various departments such as demand planning, merchandising, supply chain, and operations, solutions like Algo ensure that all decisions are in lockstep, fostering seamless coordination across the supply chain. The ability to collaborate seamlessly, while shortening the distance between opportunities and actions, truly drives innovation and new opportunities in the business.

Algo’s solution integrates data, simulation, and human intelligence to accurately predict customer demand, streamline operations, and ensure balanced inventory. Their strength in data analysis offers valuable insights that keep your retail business at the forefront of a competitive market.”

Diane Sherwood

Supply Chain Executive from Best Buy & CarParts

Embrace the future of Smart Supply Chain Insights with Journeys and transform your data into a strategic asset.