Empower Your Retail Strategy with Algo’s Merchandise Planning Software.

Streamline omnichannel pricing, promotion, and vendor management.

Algo’s formula for merchandise planning excellence

Unified, Cross-Functional Visibility

View all the insights you need to make better product assortment, promotion, and pricing decisions. Algo reduces your reliance on manual spreadsheets to help you focus on business analysis. Its visually rich interface empowers merchandise, finance, inventory, and suppliers’ teams to collaboratively create, analyze, and adjust omnichannel merchandise plans.

Agility at Scale

Quickly discover item-location combinations that require special attention. Algo helps merchandise planners focus on picking the right product assortment, price, and promotions instead of spending their time compiling data. Decide and act in real time to manage exceptions across thousands of items.

Higher Omnichannel Revenue

Mitigate risk and optimize margins across all sales channels. Algo’s Merchandise Planning software enables you to instantly run assortment, pricing, and promotion scenarios according to your ever-changing sales picture. Our machine learning and industry experts craft high-precision forecast-driven assortments that improve in-stocks and drive higher sales.

Functional and Technical Experts

Algo’s team of functional and technical experts bridges the gap between Merchandising and IT to provide all the support you need to align our merchandise planning solution to your processes and maximize value. Unlimited training and iterative solution configuration help future-proof your investment.


Key Merchandise Planning Features

Assortment Lifecycle Optimization

Maximize the ROI of your stores’ limited shelf and floor space. Algo provides data-driven recommendations for optimizing floor plans, fixture planograms, product facing assignment, and more. Display the right quantities of each product in the most impactful locations in your store. Easily adjust quantities across the product lifecycle, from item introduction to end of life. Ensure complete compliance with space commitments and other vendor programs.

Omnichannel Promotion Management

Coordinate pricing and promotion decisions for all channels from one user-friendly retail merchandise planning platform. Algo helps you manage seasonal promotions and drive times while ensuring 100% promotion pricing compliance. View the approval status of each promotion in real time. Easily view, compare, and manage pricing across all your suppliers. Our promotion planning and retail planning experts identify opportunities for price optimization, recommend promotion themes, and more.

Embedded Advanced Analytics

Act on merchandising performance results with agility and confidence. Algo's merchandise planning software provides the granular visibility you need to quickly identify your top-performing and underperforming products at the store or account level. View planogram performance for all fixtures in one place. Easily monitor and compare your suppliers’ performance. Identify groups of similarly performing locations to simplify store and retail management.

Collaborative Merchandise Planning

Spend less time explaining your numbers across manual spreadsheets and focus on creating the best possible merchandise plan. Algo simplifies omnichannel merchandise planning, forecast management, streamlines vendor management, and enables CPFR best practices. Keep your plans and processes in sync across merchandising, sales, supply chain, and finance teams. Gain a centralized view of assortment, pricing, and promotion plans.

Data Integration and Aggregation

Achieve a consolidated view of all your product assortment and item data in one location. Algo’s 90+ pre-built integrations unify data from enterprise applications, open-source platforms, and other data sources from across your supply chain. Our data aggregation and cleansing ensure that your decisions are always informed by accurate and complete information on products, promotions, pricing, and performance.

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Results and outcomes

Clients using Algo’s software typically observe marked improvements in operational efficiency and a streamlined pathway towards growth, thanks to better-informed strategic decisions. These enhancements are pivotal in elevating overall customer satisfaction and driving sales growth.

Frequently asked questions

Algo takes a holistic approach to helping our customers optimize their omnichannel merchandise planning. Our collaborative Merchandise Planning solution simplifies your assortment, pricing, and promotion processes by providing a single source of truth and real-time updates across all sales channels. Advanced analytics help you pinpoint the biggest opportunities for topline growth and cost savings. Algo’s team of category advisory experts work with you to achieve optimal business outcomes through strategic or tactical adjustments to pricing, planograms, and promotions.

Optimize assortment. Stay in sync. Plan merchandise at scale.