Supply Chain Control Tower Software: The Key to Visibility, Insights, and Value

Algo’s Control Tower solution integrates supply chain data from multiple sources into a single, intuitive, interactive, and visually rich interface that enables everyone in the organization to always see the most up-to-date information —the single source of truth.

Decision Intelligence Across Your Supply Chain


Unified, Cross-Functional Visibility

Monitor your inventory and demand across all channels and locations with the most up-to-date information at all times in a single place; eliminate the  versioning” of data caused by manual spreadsheets and use Algo ABI’s single version of truth to focus your time and effort where it truly matters—making decisions.

Key Measure Callouts

Keep track of the most important aspects of your business at a glance in real time, monitor changes in performance, or compare budgets vs actuals.

Granular Data Views

Seamlessly move from high-level trends to their underlying causes to take action; Algo provides easy access to the most granular levels of your data through rich and intuitive visuals allowing users to rapidly explore and discover the top contributors for each challenge or opportunity.

Advanced Multilevel Filtering

View the precise cross-section of business information you need, with a wide range of filters and search criteria to slice and dice your supply chain at your  fingertips.


Smart Workflow Integration

Intelligently unify omnichannel visibility with agile supply chain control with ABI acting as the foundational component of your supply chain management toolset. It works seamlessly with Algo’s other supply chain planning solutions, as well as with third-party applications, enabling you to rapidly move from insight to action.

Learn How Our Control Tower Unifies Supply Chain Data for Real-Time, Intuitive Insights

Download our Supply Chain Control Tower guide and learn how to leverage real-time information, cross-organization– in a single, intuitive, interactive, and visually rich interface.

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Praise from our valued customers

“When we started work with Algo we were hoping for better visibility into what was happening in our channel – what we got was real time understanding, analytics, anomaly detection and for the first time a predictive perspective.  Algo not only listened, they took our feedback, understood our pain points and then turned that into actionable insights. Algo helped us turn a problem into an opportunity in one of the toughest times for Supply Chain globally.”

David Warrick

Former Global Supply Chain General Manager & Innovation Officer at Microsoft

Results and outcomes

Clients using Algo’s software typically observe marked improvements in operational efficiency and a streamlined pathway towards growth, thanks to better-informed strategic decisions. These enhancements are pivotal in elevating overall customer satisfaction and driving sales growth.

Empower Your Supply Chain with Complete Visibility

Learn how to navigate your supply chain journey with a consolidated, bird’s eye view of the entire chain. Book now and monitor inventory across every level, optimize, and respond – all within Algo’s Control Tower.