Influence buyers to increase sell-in and revenue.

Algo’s Intelligent Inventory Optimizer provides unparalleled granular visibility into retail operations to detect anomalies, highlight lost sales opportunities and suggest orders.

Want to get your retailers to optimize inventory for higher sales performance?

Algo’s Intelligent Inventory Optimizer brings together store and distribution center (DC) replenishment advanced analytics including clustering and anomaly detection in a single solution. Intelligent Inventory Optimizer can highlight lost sales opportunities and recommend orders. It has the power to:

Drive more sales for supplier sales reps.

Drive more sales for supplier sales reps.

Open-to-buy dollars are maximized through analysis to accelerate store-level sales and increase profit. Influence retailer channel operation/buyers to minimize lost sales and protect top stores to ensure they are always in-stock which increases sales for top products.

Minimize lost sales for retailer sales teams.

Identify anomalies at the item/store level enabling proactive replenishment adjustments to minimize lost sales at the most granular level ever.

Maximize inventory at top stores for supplier channel operation teams.

Maximize inventory at top stores for supplier channel operation teams.

Highlight to retailer channel operations teams the opportunities at the item/store level to include them when updating replenishment settings and/or cut store orders to maximize inventory protecting top stores and removing excess inventory from bottom performing stores.

Unparalleled visibility at the store level

Based on Algo’s expertise in store/item-level forecasting and replenishment, Intelligent Inventory Optimizer enables selling partners to see data sets at a never-before-seen granularity including:

  • Sell thru
  • In-stock percentage (ISP) managed at item and store level with min/max settings
  • Store clustering performance tied out to distribution center levels
  • Lost sales opportunities
  • Corrective suggested store allocation

Anomaly detection KPIs include:

  • Number of days out of stock
  • Number days with no POS despite SOH
  • Sell thru variance
  • WOS thresholds
Unparalleled visibility at the store level

Real results for our selling partners

Intelligent Inventory Optimizer delivers clear results of topline revenue growth and cost savings during a difficult macro economic environment.

Time Savings

Why Algo?

Algo is competitive on price and always faster than our competitors. Our expert customer success and data management teams take on the majority of the integration workload, ensuring fast implementation in a matter of weeks for a quick ROI on your investment.

Leader in AI

AI and ML for sales and operations planning

Our professionals are domain experts solving complex problems across consumer electronics, apparel and CPG functions using machine learning and AI to deliver value.

Intuitive Tool

Actionable insights to optimize inventory

Algo’s Intelligent Inventory Optimizer features both store and DC clustering to help influence buyers to optimize inventory levels.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection to drive higher sales

Algo’s Intelligent Inventory Optimizer produces time savings with anomaly detection that highlights the most compelling opportunities to drive higher sales in top stores and lower inventory costs in bottom-performing stores.

Gain supply chain insights. Stay in sync. Plan at scale.