TROY, MI; December 5, 2023 – Algo, a leading AI-focused supply chain SaaS provider has merged with V  Net Solutions, to form the leading global supply chain planning company,  with AI- powered solutions for inventory planning, forecasting, and data analytics for retailers and vendors. The merger combines two industry leaders with a shared focus on driving AI-driven innovation with complementary customer offerings.  

“I am excited to lead the newly integrated team at Algo. We are focused on helping our customers to break free from traditional supply chain planning methods, deploying AI-powered solutions to deliver next generation supply chain execution and commerce capabilities,” said Wayne Sim, CEO of Algo. “This merger provides our customers with a global capability and the combined power of two amazing companies at the cutting edge of the industry and the AI revolution.”

The combined organization will deliver an expanded global offering that integrates data, simulation, and human intelligence to enable customers to accurately predict demand, streamline operations, and ensure balanced inventoryThe AI-powered platform empowers our customers to intelligently plan, move and distribute their products globally, unlocking supply chain agility and resilience. Operating as Algo, the organization will supercharge supply chains, delivering predictable, measurable and consistent business improvements for our customers.  

Demand and inventory planning is in need of a transformation and the supply chain industry is ripe for modernization with AI-powered tools and connected platforms. In an environment marked by constant growth and escalating complexity, companies must adapt swiftly to fulfill their customers’ evolving demands”, said Furhan Zafar, VP, Product Operations, Meta Reality Labs.  “Algo is at the forefront of facilitating this transformation, enhancing efficiency, and expediting the process. I anticipate that Algo will have a profoundly positive effect on a broader segment of the global supply chain, amplifying the pace of innovation that Algo customers have grown to rely on.”

About Algo

Algo is a leading AI supply chain SaaS provider that uses technology to transform information into opportunity, breathing new life into supply and demand for global organizations. Algo enables retailers, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers to gain insight into their demand planning and inventory optimization processes, to supercharge their supply chains.  Combining AI and machine learning with deep domain expertise, Algo’s omnichannel SaaS platform helps suppliers and retailers plan, simulate, and execute more efficient supply chains through smart automation, actionable analytics, and digital twin technology. Visit to learn more.

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Combining human centered AI with deep domain expertise, Algo’s analytics enriched supply chain intelligence platform helps suppliers and retailers plan, collaborate, simulate and execute a more efficient supply chain.

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