Game-Changing Decision Intelligence Solution for Demand Planning Offers Customers Data Democratization, Business Value Generation, and More Intelligent Supply Chains 

TROY, Michigan. – March 19, 2024 – Algo, a leading provider of SaaS AI-based solutions for supply chain and demand planning in retail, CPG and manufacturing, announced today the release of its largest product update, launching “Journeys”, a decision intelligence solution that provides automated business intelligence to inform demand and inventory planning for better business outcomes. Journeys enables users to convert analytics into actionable strategies, by utilizing real-time data to gain a competitive edge. Leading global brands can now streamline their demand planning analytics process by delivering valuable insights and opportunities directly to users in real-time, minimizing their previous reliance on manual data exploration. 

“Supply chains today are not operating on a single source of truth, and many global brands are struggling to make informed, intelligent business decisions because their legacy solutions cannot support their future business growth,” said Wayne Sim, CEO, Algo. “Our new Journeys solution unlocks the future of demand planning innovation and creates significant business value and competitive advantage for our customers. Journeys is Algo’s evolution of the modern supply chain solution, that supports our vision to empower global brands with decision intelligence for their supply chain operations.”  

A Game-Changer in Demand Planning Innovation 

Manufacturers, retailers and suppliers are seeking new ways to solve their supply chain issues with a single source of truth that enables team collaboration in real-time. Many are managing disparate data sources, multiple input points and conflicting source reliability.  

Journeys by Algo addresses these pain points in the following ways: 

  • Easily capture and classify insights. Demand planners can simplify the capture and categorization of insights, enabling them to effortlessly navigate their supply chain data and analytics. Teams benefit from real-time identification, classification, and archiving of critical insights, ensuring that their business can swiftly leverage opportunities to maintain a competitive edge.  
  • Real-time collaboration. Teams can facilitate seamless collaboration by sharing insights and opportunities with others in real-time. Demand planners can now ensure quick responses to challenges and rapid exploitation of emerging opportunities. 
  • Transform insights into actionable intelligence. Teams can convert analytics into actionable strategies, utilizing real-time data to gain a competitive edge. Journeys’ streamlined analytics process delivers valuable insights and opportunities directly to users, minimizing the reliance on manual data exploration.

Key Benefits of Journeys by Algo 

  • Streamlined Analytics Process. Journeys simplifies the path from data discovery to action, minimizing effort and maximizing outcomes. Teams gain instant insight, informing intelligent business outcomes. 
  • Data Democratization. Accessible analytics for all team members, encouraging a data-driven culture that fosters accountability and performance. 
  • Enhanced Productivity. Automated opportunity tracking, freeing resources for strategic analysis and decision-making. 
  • Value Generation. Teams can identify and act upon real-time opportunities, creating significant business value and competitive market advantage.  

Use Cases for Journeys 

  • Context-Aware Collaboration. Instantly share and act on data-driven insights, enhancing teamwork. 
  • Scenario Planning. Visualize impacts on KPIs through what-if simulations. 
  • Push Analytics. Discover patterns and insights effortlessly, with automated data and analytics highlights.  

The evolution of Algo’s SaaS offering, with the addition of Journeys, bridges the gap between various functions within the supply chain ecosystem, such as demand planning, merchandising, supply chain, and operations. Journeys ensures that all decisions are in lockstep, fostering seamless coordination across the supply chain and enabling innovation and better business outcomes. 


About Algo 

Algo is a leading AI supply chain SaaS provider that uses technology to transform information into opportunity, breathing new life into supply and demand for global organizations. Algo enables retailers, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers to gain insight into their demand planning and inventory optimization processes, to supercharge their supply chains.  Combining AI and machine learning with deep domain expertise, Algo’s omnichannel SaaS platform helps suppliers and retailers plan, simulate, and execute more efficient supply chains through smart automation, actionable analytics, and digital twin technology. Visit to learn more. 

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Combining human centered AI with deep domain expertise, Algo’s analytics enriched supply chain intelligence platform helps suppliers and retailers plan, collaborate, simulate and execute a more efficient supply chain.

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