For decades, retailers have used EDI to drive efficiency and create lean supply chains. But the times are changing. Amazon’s recent announcement to decommission its EDI in favor of its own Amazon API has many retailers scrambling to find a new solution.

Algo’s Chief Product Officer, Emily Slavik, and Director of Implementation and Customer Success, Thomas Bond, recently had an insightful discussion about why Amazon is replacing EDI feeds with APIs. They noted that Amazon and other retailers are all investing in their own APIs. They also pointed out that while Amazon’s decision may have come as a surprise to some, it’s part of a more significant trend in the industry towards API-based integration.

In the live webcast, the duo also highlighted how Algo’s new Amazon SP-API adoption solution could aid flexibility, integration, and improved data quality. They also noted that retailers who switch to APIs would be better positioned to compete in the digital age. Overall, it’s clear that APIs are the future of retail integration – and retailers who don’t make the switch may find themselves at a disadvantage.