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Digital tools and domain expertise that drive forecast accuracy across the product lifecycle.

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Algo’s formula for demand planning excellence

Unified, Cross-Functional Visibility

View all the insights you need to make better forecasts. Algo Demand Planning replaces manual spreadsheets to help planners focus on strategic business analysis. Its visually rich interface helps your functional teams collaboratively create, analyze, and adjust omnichannel demand plans in real time.

Agility at Scale

Easily adjust forecasts at any level of the hierarchy, from accounts up to entire regions. Algo’s proprietary machine-learning models help you create, review, and approve forecasts in days, not weeks. Focus on managing exceptions for more agile decision-making.

Consistently Accurate Forecasts

Algo uses AI to create dynamic forecasts for new items, promotions, end of life, and more. Unconstrained sell-through forecasts and visibility into lost sales help you proactively address inventory constraints. Easily track forecast accuracy trends with weekly forecast versions.

Functional and Technical Experts

Algo’s team of experts bridges the gap between Demand Planning and IT to provide all the support you need to align our solution to your processes and maximize value. Unlimited training and iterative solution configuration help future-proof your investment.

Key Features

Long-Range Lifecycle Planning

Achieve faster time to market with end-to-end product portfolio visibility. Take timely action across your product lifecycle, from concept through retirement. Adjust inventory levels, make seasonal changes, and optimize markdown and costs. Audit your portfolio and proactively manage the impact of demand volatility on sales and operations.

Promotion Forecast Planning

Spot opportunities and plan promotions using a seamless process that delivers exceptional results from day one. Algo’s intelligent forecasts give you the agility and flexibility you need to meet all anticipated market demand. Our team of experts helps you identify next actions that best align your resources with high-ROI promotion opportunities.

Embedded Advanced Analytics

Algo enhances your planning experience with advanced analytics. Model full downstream scenarios for faster decision-making. Run what-if scenarios to manage seasonality and long-range demand. Discover insights that offer the highest impact to demand planning KPIs. Dynamically identify forecast anomalies by account or region.

Collaborative Planning

Discover the power and value of true cross-functional collaboration. With long-term omnichannel visibility that spans supply chain, sales, and finance teams, Algo’s single version of the truth keeps your organization in sync. Spend less time explaining your numbers across manual spreadsheets and focus on creating the best possible plan.

Data Integration and Aggregation

Break down the departmental silos that constrain visibility. Algo’s 90+ pre-built integrations unify data from enterprise applications, open-source platforms, and other data sources from across your supply chain. Our data aggregation and cleansing ensure that your decisions are always informed by accurate and complete business information.

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Superior forecasts. Exceptional time to value.

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1. Identify Your Opportunities

Discuss your supply chain challenges with Algo’s experts to pinpoint high-value areas.

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Discover a new way of looking at your supply chain. Improve KPIs in weeks, not months.

3. Go Live with Peace of Mind

Algo’s high configurability and continuous delivery model remove risk and ensure success.

Frequently asked questions

Excellence in demand planning requires the right blend of art and science. Our industry-renowned forecasts emerge from proprietary machine learning models that we use to gain an in-depth understanding of your business data and external market factors. Then, our supply chain experts use their vast experience to meticulously review these forecasts and account for more subtle factors that may be hard to quantify. The result: astonishingly precise forecasts.

Forecast right. Stay in sync. Plan at scale.

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