Migrate to Amazon API today
before it’s too late.

Seize the new opportunity to access real-time data to drive inventory
optimization and minimize lost sales as an Amazon vendor or seller.

Are you prepared for life after Amazon EDI and MWS?

Amazon is decommissioning these old information exchange intermediaries by December 31, 2023 and moving all of its multichannel seller partners to the Application Programming Interface (API). This is for both Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Seller Central.

How Algo can help

In addition to our technical skills, the change management expertise we provide is essential to achieving better outcomes on timing, reporting and ROI for what can be a complex migration. But we are more than a data validation pipeline. Our team provides additional insights into your process for greater value. The Algo solution is also less expensive than doing it yourself, we can scale expert support, and we are system agnostic.

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Tap into even more live data streams from Amazon

Algo helps enterprises connect to a much wider range of Amazon data than was possible via EDI.

We have a track record of successful API migration for large selling partners.

When we migrated a global consumer electronics giant selling partner from EDI to API within six weeks, we were able to correct or find more than $2 million in lost data for the prior three months. They could then collect promotional funding on the missing items, and sales reps gained higher bonuses from higher unit sales.

Algo’s quick, complete path to
harnessing Amazon’s vendor API

Essential Integration

Essential Integration includes

Premium Visibility

Premium Visibility includes

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics includes

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