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Amazon is phasing out traditional approaches to information exchange like EDI in favor of APIs, which enable simpler vendor onboarding and can support real-time visibility. However, tight transition deadlines and technical complexity make it important for your organization to choose an experienced implementation partner. Algo has helped some of the largest global vendors ensure business continuity by securely integrating the Amazon SP-API with their internal business information systems in a few short weeks.

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What is EDI?

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a B2B data transfer method from the 1960s that businesses use to send data to other organizations in the supply chain. Receiving an EDI feed requires a complex onboarding process, and the scheduled transfer is prone to technical issues, inaccurate data, or days-long lead times.

What is API?

An application programming interface (API) is a set of data requests that software can allow third parties to make on demand. Amazon and many other retailers use APIs to empower their vendors, who can request real-time information about sales, inventory, forecasts, and more. Information pulled via API is fresher and less prone to inaccuracies or transfer errors than EDI.

API Benefits

  • Retrieve retailer data on demand instead of relying on scheduled EDI feeds.
  • Improve performance and minimize the cost of data transfer at scale.
  • Highly reliable with 99.9% uptime and no more missing or incorrect EDI pushes.
  • Reduce data lag time by 50%.

Algo’s quick, complete path to
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Essential Integration

Essential Integration includes

Premium Visibility

Premium Visibility includes

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics includes

Tap into even more live data streams from Amazon

Algo helps enterprises connect to a much wider range of Amazon data than was possible via EDI.

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1. Identify your opportunities

Discuss your supply chain challenges with Algo’s experts to pinpoint high-value areas.

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2. Align on a Best-Fit Solution

Select the right level of integration services and the highest-value data streams for your business needs.

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3. Go Live with Peace of Mind

Algo’s high configurability and continuous delivery model remove risk and ensure success.

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