#23 – Vulnerable World Hypothesis with Dr. Matt McCormick

In Algo Podcast Episode 23, Dr. Matt McCormick and Amjad Hussain discuss the Vulnerable World Hypothesis.

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0:00 Episode Preview
0:29 Introduction
2:36 Bostrom’s Vulnerable World Hypothesis
5:24 Fermi Paradox & Alien Life
8:26 Drake Equation
9:26 Exoplanets
11:23 John von Neumann Space Probe
13:44 Speed of Light Constraints
19:18 Potentially disastrous technologies
24:58 Are physics the same everywhere in the universe?
29:25 Multiverse Theory
32:08 Universe: Philosophy & Religion
34:42 Vulnerable World Hypothesis
39:27 Policies to address Vulnerable World Hypothesis
40:48 Containing Technologies
45:03 Future of Humans
48:02 Invention of the Internet & Information Apocalypse
51:05 Human Life Span
54:54 Bringing people out of poverty
55:58 QAnon
57:34 Equilibriums for complex systems
1:00:22 Chaos Agents
1:01:54 Social Media & Fringe Ideas
1:05:31 January 6 Insurrection
1:06:17 Anti-Vax Conspiracies
1:07:09 Darwinian Evolution
1:08:45 Pakistan, Opportunity & Graveyards
1:13:15 Algo & meaningful work for people
1:16:08 Hope for the future
1:22:06 Future of work & school
1:25:48 Where are the aliens?
1:28:04 Global Influence of Technology & Diversity of Values
1:29:33 Less conflict in the metaverse?
1:31:50 People more productive working remotely
1:33:31 Are aliens conscious?
1:36:25 Alien reality
1:36:57 Bereavement Hallucination
1:38:14 Error checking methods for hallucinations
1:40:58 Consciousness in dream states
1:44:10 Running into alien technology
1:46:47 Closing Thoughts

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