#19 – Theory Of Mind with Bogdan-Ionut Cirstea

In Algo Podcast Episode 19, Bogdan-Ionut Cirstea and Amjad Hussain discuss Theory Of Mind.

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0:00 Introduction
2:18 Bogdan’s Journey
4:22 Theory of Mind
5:44 Paradigms & Frameworks for Theory of Mind
7:02 Cognitive Science & Neuroscience
8:00 Humans & computational models
8:55 How do Humans Build Theory of Mind Models?
10:14 Brain areas in Theory of Mind & Abstract Models
11:23 Simulation Theory of Mind
13:18 Autonomous AI Systems & Ethical Implications
14:23 AI Alignment Problem
15:40 Chances of AGI This Century
17:01 Powerful AI could be a big deal
18:00 Expanding beyond Earth
19:23 Powerful AI can lead to faster economic growth
20:19 AI Needs to have Theory of Mind of Humans & Vice-Versa
21:14 Dark Side of Theory of Mind
21:45 The transition into Powerful AI could happen soon
22:50 AI replacing jobs?
23:41 Forecasting Powerful AI – Biological Anchors Framework
25:49 Neural Scaling Laws
27:08 Scaling of compute used in largest ML experiments
27:43 Language modeling scaling
28:10 Algorithmic progress
28:40 Probability that FLOP to train a transformative model is affordable
31:30 Human evolution is simple
32:25 Scaling up current methods to achieve human-level NLP
34:30 AI Risk Arguments
35:38 Risk of Existential Catastrophes from AI
39:18 Existential risk when thinking about living people
40:53 Framework to evaluate how impactful global problems are
42:29 Decomposing the AI Alignment Problem
44:56 Humans & Evolution
46:40 Game Theory Models
48:18 Outer Misalignment Example
50:09 Inner Misalignment Example
53:56 Batch Mode Training
57:16 Having a human in the loop
57:51 Powerful AI Concluding Thoughts
59:04 Bogdan’s Current Research
1:01:12 Language Modeling Experiments
1:02:16 Natural Language in Theory of Mind Framework
1:05:20 Evaluating Theory of Mind Models
1:06:42 Advice for engineers designing autonomous systems
1:08:58 Who has influenced Bogdan?
1:11:05 Closing Thoughts

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