#18 – Supply Chain Modernization with Dr. David Simchi-Levi

In Algo Podcast Episode 18, Dr. David Simchi-Levi and Amjad Hussain discuss Supply Chain Modernization.

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0:00 Introduction
3:04 Designing & Managing the Supply Chain Book
4:25 Supply Chain Digitization & Transformation
5:13 MIT Data Science Lab
6:11 Supply Chain Resiliency Technologies
6:54 Inventory, Transportation & Procurement Optimization
7:19 Supply Chain Digitization & Price Optimization
7:50 MIT Personalized Offerings
8:59 Online Resources Allocation
9:25 How to partner with MIT Data Science Lab
10:38 Supply Chain Digitization: Perception vs. Reality
12:42 Key Capabilities for Supply Chain Digitization
15:22 Smart Supply Chain Digitization
16:40 Redefining CPG Manufacturing Supply Chains
18:48 Supply Chain Digitization during pandemic
19:25 Unified View of Demand: Traditional & Advanced Approaches
23:57 Unified View of Demand: CPG Example
26:45 Generating a Unified View of Demand
30:47 Forecast Accuracy
33:14 Retailer Order Forecast Challenges
35:16 Collaborative Forecasting: CPG / Retailer / Manufacturer
39:48 Forecasting Center of Excellence
41:52 Attribute selection process & data aggregation
46:49 Supply Chain Segmentation
48:47 “Segmentation” is referred to loosely
51:03 Drivers of CPG Supply Chain Segmentation Strategy
52:22 Volume, Volatility & Margin
55:38 Trade-Offs between Responsiveness & Efficiency
58:14 Old / New Approaches in S&OP
1:00:48 Smart Supply Chain Execution: KPIs & KPPs
1:04:53 Comparing Planning & Execution
1:06:03 Requirements for Success
1:06:58 Digital Transformation Journey
1:09:08 Different Styles of Data Science
1:11:02 Forecasting: Explainability
1:13:38 Combining machine learning with domain knowledge
1:15:11 Preparing for COVID-like events in the future
1:20:00 Closing Thoughts

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