#8 – Matthew Scalese on Supply Chain Innovation

In AI Simplified Episode 8, Matthew Scalese and Amjad Hussain discuss Supply Chain Innovation.

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0:00 Introduction
3:35 Evolution of Supply Chain
5:45 Guiding commercial strategy & having a seat at the table
7:05 Balance between visibility, accuracy & agility
8:20 Disrupted Supply Chain
12:53 Removing Bias in Supply Chain
14:38 Demand Forecasting
20:15 Balancing history and “the art” in forecasting
22:53 Citizen Data Scientists
23:54 Metadata & normalizing data
26:19 Identifying outliers in data
28:45 Resources needed to gain industry data
32:55 How to focus on Inventory Accuracy
36:37 Cost savings with inventory accuracy
39:17 Managing layers between manufacturers & consumers
41:55 Satisfying the Customer & Agility
44:53 Scenario Models
47:42 Visibility & Agility consciousness in an organization
50:50 Inflation, Normalization, and Future Planning
54:24 What does good visibility & data look like?
57:59 Blockchain
59:30 Supply Chain Innovation
1:01:55 Legacy ERP Systems
1:03:47 Organizational models to support innovation
1:06:15 Thinking as an entrepreneur
1:08:34 Advice for Supply Chain Analysts
1:14:31 Closing Thoughts

Why a podcast about human-centered AI?

People are either talking about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, etc. in a very technical way or not at all. Having studied Computer Science and Advanced Analytics and created an AI – advanced analytics supply chain company, I understand first-hand how valuable the field is, but not everyone does. I want to change that. We can all learn principles of AI and implement them in very practical ways. Whether you want to automate a part of your business or create a new business altogether, AI can help you. My goal through this podcast is to simplify AI.

Calling it a podcast gives you a broad understanding of how we’ll communicate, but the format will be much more engaging than just audio. However, you can listen to AI Simplified like a traditional podcast too.

Amjad Hussain
Founder + Chief Executive Officer, Algo

About the host

portrait of Amjad Hussain, one of the author for Algo podcast and the CEO of Algo


Combining human centered AI with deep domain expertise, Algo’s analytics enriched supply chain intelligence platform helps suppliers and retailers plan, collaborate, simulate and execute a more efficient supply chain.

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