#32 – Subjectivity, Qualitative States, and Conscious Machines with Dr. Matt McCormick

In Algo Podcast Episode 32, Dr. Matt McCormick and Amjad Hussain discuss Subjectivity, Qualitative States, and Conscious Machines.

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0:00 Episode Preview
0:25 Introduction
2:32 Qualitative states & The Hard Problem
5:21 Chalmers’ Marketing Genius
8:13 Difference between qualia and valence
12:09 Evolution of Consciousness
14:38 Why build a conscious machine with qualitative states?
17:01 Supply Chain Solutions
17:58 Global Workspace Theory Preliminaries
21:26 Sensory input & consciousness
26:28 Parallel Distributive Processing & Global Workspace
28:36 Tracking neural activity: Global Workspace
31:18 Global Availability
32:42 A lot of processing is unconscious
37:04 What’s Consciousness For?
42:07 Which Cognitive Processes Get Connected by the Global Workspace?
42:47 Why qualitative states in consciousness?
49:17 The Hard Problem?
56:38 The evolution of consciousness
59:22 Building a Cognitive Agent
1:06:49 How to represent qualitative states
1:14:02 Conscious AI with qualitative states?
1:15:30 Chalmers’ Zombie Argument
1:20:52 Donald Hoffman
1:23:06 Moral Considerations, Pain & Suffering
1:31:13 Closing Thoughts

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