#31 – The Hidden Spring: A Journey To The Source of Consciousness with Mark Solms

In Algo Podcast Episode 31, Mark Solms and Amjad Hussain discuss The Hidden Spring: A Journey To The Source of Consciousness.

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0:00 Episode Preview
0:36 Introduction
3:15 Basic forms of consciousness in brain stem
6:31 Antonio Damasio – focusing more on emotion than cognition; emotions generated in brain stem
8:29 Chalmers’ Hard Problem
9:23 Thomas Nagel – Subjective Character of Experience
10:21 Why & how is there something it is like to “be” an organism
14:04 Knowing “how” consciousness is generated & Richard Feynman
16:59 What makes the Hard Problem hard & understanding the functional mechanism
19:32 Frank Jackson’s Knowledge Problem
22:44 Explaining sensory experiences with language
26:18 Internet registering visual information without consciousness
27:38 Explanatory Gap
28:20 Functional Mechanisms of Visual Information Processing
32:57 Perception Without Awareness
33:37 Human Cortex can do visual job unconsciously
37:56 Global Workspace Theory
41:34 Case 1: Removing prefrontal cortex
46:12 Emotional affect from cortex
49:08 Is it possible to see active circuits in the cortex?
52:31 Journal of Consciousness Debate
53:25 Case 2: Bud Craig’s theory that self comes to mind in the insula
55:17 Case with no insula
58:52 Case 3: Where are feelings generated with no cortex?
1:05:47 Day-to-day life for people with no cortex

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