#15 – David Atkinson on Smart & Sustainable Living

In Algo Podcast Episode 15, David Atkinson and Amjad Hussain discuss Smart & Sustainable Living.

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0:00 Introduction
4:24 Z Sphere in Puerto Rico
6:33 Go-To-Market Plan in Puerto Rico
9:02 Shortage of housing & rentals in Puerto Rico
10:11 Kind people in Puerto Rico
10:27 Z Sphere team moving to Puerto Rico
11:00 Interviews & Investor Relations
12:45 Municipalities & next generation of investment opportunities
13:24 Puerto Rico lost 30,000 buildings from 2017-2020
14:46 Community acceptance of Z Sphere
16:24 Planning for natural disasters in US
20:40 Reinvigorating Commerce
23:26 Stable & Consistent Electricity
24:49 Hurricane Ida & New Orleans Power Grid
26:57 Z Sphere brings opportunity to build back with resilience
28:48 Challenges with above-ground power grids
32:22 Taking power grid into 21st century
36:24 Advantages of implementing smaller power grids
38:33 Municipalities with micro power grids
40:47 Z Sphere Wind Power Generation System
45:42 Z Sphere Simulations
48:44 Looking for University Partnerships
49:34 Crypto Investors
52:50 Environmental Responsibility & Changing Behaviors
56:37 Apps to track individual environmental responsibility
1:00:02 Data-rich Z Sphere customer experience
1:04:10 Z Sphere Micro Utilities
1:08:11 WeSolar CSP & Concentrated Solar Technologies
1:12:33 Where do concentrated solar technologies work best?
1:13:27 Photovoltaic Solar Panels
1:14:28 Fusion Farms
1:16:28 Hurricane Chaser Interest

Why a podcast about human-centered AI?

People are either talking about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, etc. in a very technical way or not at all. Having studied Computer Science and Advanced Analytics and created an AI – advanced analytics supply chain company, I understand first-hand how valuable the field is, but not everyone does. I want to change that. We can all learn principles of AI and implement them in very practical ways. Whether you want to automate a part of your business or create a new business altogether, AI can help you. My goal through this podcast is to simplify AI.

Calling it a podcast gives you a broad understanding of how we’ll communicate, but the format will be much more engaging than just audio. However, you can listen to AI Simplified like a traditional podcast too.

Amjad Hussain
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