#16 – Stuart Hameroff on Quantum Biology of Consciousness

In Algo Podcast Episode 16, Stuart Hameroff and Amjad Hussain discuss Quantum Biology of Consciousness.

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0:00 Introduction
4:41 Chalmers’ Hard Problem
7:10 Microtubules & Brain Consciousness
10:29 How to explain consciousness
13:01 Measurement Problem in Quantum Mechanics
16:18 Roger Penrose – Defining Superposition using General Relativity Theory
18:30 Generating Conscious Experience – Self Collapse of the Wave Function
20:13 Meaningless universe without consciousness
23:16 Going inside the neuron for consciousness
24:21 Memory in microtubules
26:23 Consciousness preceded life
28:57 Cognition vs. consciousness
29:39 Perceiving pain & anesthesia
34:09 Chronic pain vs. acute pain
35:36 How anesthesia works
40:34 Lipid Theory
41:30 Proteins bound by anesthetics
42:45 Anesthetics dampening quantum oscillations
45:01 Only consciousness has highly organized quantum processes
45:46 Why are only certain parts of the brain conscious?
50:26 Microtubules in the body
53:56 How anesthesia impacts pyramidal cells
57:03 Is consciousness in the cell body of a neuron and/or wiring of the brain?
1:02:14 How quantum brain biology can rescue conscious free will
1:03:25 Stuart Hameroff & Roger Penrose’s Future Plans
1:04:59 Consciousness is interdisciplinary
1:05:31 Maurits Cornelis Escher
1:06:00 Microtubules are like deep learning
1:06:57 Quantum Computing
1:07:48 Looking for organic molecules in asteroids
1:08:40 Astrobiology & Astroconsciousness
1:09:38 Structures for artificial neurons
1:11:31 Consciousness Engineering Research Groups
1:12:44 Recent & Upcoming Conferences
1:19:10 Can non-life forms be conscious?
1:20:59 Organic Chemistry
1:21:49 Consciousness – materialism vs. idealism
1:24:34 Physics leads to materialism
1:25:20 Advice for research groups
1:28:24 How to know if a machine is conscious

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Calling it a podcast gives you a broad understanding of how we’ll communicate, but the format will be much more engaging than just audio. However, you can listen to AI Simplified like a traditional podcast too.

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