Mind Maps: Theory & Practice

Najam Tirmizi

About Najam Tirmizi

Najam Tirmizi helps make business software that talks back. As a Cognitive Product Analyst at Algo and lifelong student of Cognitive Science, he brings together concepts from human and machine intelligence to make it easier for the two to have meaningful conversations together.

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0:00 Introduction
0:30 Conveying Ideas Through Text vs. Diagrams
1:49 Mind Maps Help Combine Text & Diagrams
2:22 What is a Mind Map?
5:14 Mind Map Example
14:48 Mind Map Use Cases
18:53 Live Session Activity: Introduction
19:33 Live Session Activity: Capturing Ideas
27:17 Live Session Activity: Generating and Consolidating Ideas
36:24 Live Session Activity: Presenting Ideas
38:01 Mind Map Myths
41:28 Tools to Create Mind Maps
55:18 Conclusion

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