#28 – Integrated Business Planning with Debbie Climer

In Algo Podcast Episode 28, Debbie Climer and Amjad Hussain discuss Integrated Business Planning.

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0:00 Episode Preview
0:21 Introduction
2:06 Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
6:17 IBP strategies & processes
9:30 IBP vs. S&OP
11:34 Components of IBP
15:39 Supply Chain IBP Considerations
17:56 Integrated Reconciliation & Management Business Review
18:19 IBP Tools
21:06 Is IBP relevant for every company?
23:25 Where IBP starts & ends
24:42 Balancing IBP & other methodologies
27:09 Supply Chain & Finance KPIs
28:21 IBP Organizational Ownership
32:34 IBP at European Subsidiaries of US Companies
35:40 Prerequisites Needed to Implement IBP
38:50 Data needed to implement IBP
41:38 Levels of granularity needed & efficient hierarchies for S&OP and IBP
46:38 IBP Methodology Best Practices & Vendor Evaluation Processes
52:22 Supply plans ​​≠ demand plans
56:21 Order Management
58:33 Using both Excel & IBP tools
1:02:20 Tool Selection Process & Considerations
1:09:14 Forecast & Inventory Accuracy
1:13:48 Defining Success with IBP

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