#13 – Jeroen van der Most on Art, AI, and Consciousness

In Algo Podcast Episode 13, Jeroen van der Most and Amjad Hussain discuss Art, AI, and Consciousness.

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0:00 Episode Preview
0:19 Introduction
3:19 AI is changing the art scene
5:28 Innovative research projects
6:12 Analyzing social media content
7:27 Using Twitter messages to create art
8:59 Media attention
9:40 New Zealand Earthquake
13:19 Jeroen’s journey
16:19 Process for creative thinking & innovation
18:32 Technical fascination
19:42 Philosophical Aspects & AI
21:13 Are humans unique and creative?
22:03 AI as a metaphor & experiment
22:55 Using AI to create deeper connections
25:02 Future of AI
28:07 Using AI to get closer to humans and nature
28:55 Nature having voice in Climate Change
30:49 Letters from Nature
34:53 Using AI as an intermediary between humans & nature
36:23 Understanding & mutual empathy between humans & nature
37:12 Co-creation & The Shard Transformation
40:38 Using technology to cultivate deeper relationships
42:21 Using AI to bring ideas from the past into the future
43:54 The Spirit Machine & Using AI to create new iterations of inspirational quotes
49:30 How to build system with wisdom from the past & using GPT-3
51:51 Correcting gender bias
54:15 Open AI
56:28 Helping Business Analysts make decisions
59:20 Building AI tools within businesses
1:02:49 Using AI system to create new product ideas
1:05:23 Capabilities of advanced AI systems
1:07:00 More quality data – pros & cons
1:07:41 Keeping humans in the loop
1:09:05 Increasing creativity in businesses
1:11:20 Knowledge of philosophical ideas behind today’s society
1:12:21 Experimenting with new technologies leads to new ideas
1:12:53 Learning about ideas behind art
1:13:10 Jeroen’s Favorite philosophers
1:15:57 How can we communicate with and learn from nature?
1:18:26 Learning about what animals are feeling and experiencing
1:21:31 Contact Information & Closing Thoughts

Why a podcast about human-centered AI?

People are either talking about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, etc. in a very technical way or not at all. Having studied Computer Science and Advanced Analytics and created an AI – advanced analytics supply chain company, I understand first-hand how valuable the field is, but not everyone does. I want to change that. We can all learn principles of AI and implement them in very practical ways. Whether you want to automate a part of your business or create a new business altogether, AI can help you. My goal through this podcast is to simplify AI.

Calling it a podcast gives you a broad understanding of how we’ll communicate, but the format will be much more engaging than just audio. However, you can listen to AI Simplified like a traditional podcast too.

Amjad Hussain
Founder + Chief Executive Officer, Algo

About the host

portrait of Amjad Hussain, one of the author for Algo podcast and the CEO of Algo


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