Algo Podcast

Let’s take a look at AI through a Human-Centered Approach.

The Podcast

We’re bringing you the Algo Podcast to unpack tech jargon around AI and show you how utilizing Human-Centered AI can add value to your life and business.

Our podcast series will feature conversations where we ask important questions and have meaningful discussions on how to create exponential business outcomes with AI using a first principles approach.


Just released episodes.

Algo Podcast
September 21, 2021

Natural Language Needs A New Paradigm | Algo Podcast | Episode 14

#14 - Walid Saba on Natural Language In Algo Podcast Episode 14, Walid Saba and Amjad Hussain discuss Natural Language.Skip, recap, or review with timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 4:14 Walid’s AI…
Algo Podcast
September 14, 2021

Art, AI, and Consciousness | Algo Podcast | Episode 13

#13 - Jeroen van der Most on Art, AI, and Consciousness In Algo Podcast Episode 13, Jeroen van der Most and Amjad Hussain discuss Art, AI, and Consciousness.Skip, recap, or…
Algo Podcast
August 26, 2021

Explainable Artificial Intelligence | AI Simplified | Episode 12

#12 - Ali El-Sharif on Explainable Artificial Intelligence In AI Simplified Episode 12, Ali El-Sharif and Amjad Hussain discuss Explainable AI.Skip, recap, or review with timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 3:56 Explainable…

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