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Let’s take a look at AI through a Human-Centered Approach.

The Podcast

In the Algo Podcast, we bring our viewers thought leadership around topics such as Digital Transformation, Supply Chains, Consciousness and Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. Our podcast series features esteemed business and thought leaders, who discuss meaningful topics that help provide valuable thought leadership to current and aspiring business, technology, and AI leaders.

Our podcast series will feature conversations where we ask important questions and have meaningful discussions on how to create exponential business outcomes with AI using a first principles approach.


Just released episodes.

Algo Podcast
November 22, 2021

Active Machine Learning | Algo Podcast | Episode 20

#20 - Active Machine Learning with Dr. Jennifer Prendki In Algo Podcast Episode 20, Dr. Jennifer Prendki and Amjad Hussain discuss Active Machine Learning.Skip, recap, or review with timestamps: 0:00…
Algo Podcast
November 2, 2021

Theory Of Mind | Algo Podcast | Episode 19

#19 - Theory Of Mind with Bogdan-Ionut Cirstea In Algo Podcast Episode 19, Bogdan-Ionut Cirstea and Amjad Hussain discuss Theory Of Mind.Skip, recap, or review with timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 2:18…
Bernhard LangAlgo Podcast
October 26, 2021

Supply Chain Modernization | Algo Podcast | Episode 18

#18 - Supply Chain Modernization with Dr. David Simchi-Levi In Algo Podcast Episode 18, Dr. David Simchi-Levi and Amjad Hussain discuss Supply Chain Modernization.Skip, recap, or review with timestamps: 0:00…

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