AI Simplified Podcast

Let’s take a look at AI through a Human-Centered Approach.

The Podcast

Why simplify AI?

We’re bringing you the AI Simplified Podcast to unpack tech jargon around AI and show you how utilizing Human-Centered AI can add value to your life and business.

Our podcast series will feature conversations where we ask important questions and have meaningful discussions on how to create exponential business outcomes with AI using a first principles approach.


Just released episodes.

non-human powers of AI | it's always onAI Simplified Podcast
February 25, 2021

Non-human Powers of AI | AI Simplified | Episode 2

#2 - Non-human Powers of AI In AI Simplified episode two, we chat about all the non-human powers of AI and implications for organizations and society. We cover: How common…
What is human centered AI?AI Simplified Podcast
February 17, 2021

AI Simplified | Human-Centered AI | Podcast Episode 1

#1 - Human-Centered AI: A First Principles Approach In AI Simplified episode one, we’ll guide you through what Human-Centered AI is, why it is necessary, and what it can do…
AI Simplified PodcastAI Simplified Podcast
January 29, 2021

Introducing New Podcast Series: AI Simplified

We're excited to share a new podcast series: AI Simplified. We invite you to join the AI conversation in our live podcasts. In AI Simplified, we’ll unpack tech jargon around…

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