Advanced forecasting to navigate uncertainty.

Algo’s Forecast Engine is an advanced solution that leverages state-of-the-art forecasting methodologies and machine learning algorithms to produce highly accurate and dynamic forecasts.

Algo’s Formula for Advanced Forecasting

Adaptive Forecasting

Our Forecast Engine uses a range of established and innovative forecasting techniques including seasonal smoothing, moving averages, and regression. It is also designed to move toward the future with multivariate regression, accounting for factors such as time of the year, cross-shopping behavior attributes, display location and timing, competitive factors, demographics, and sales cycles and events.

Resolving Anomalies

Algo’s Forecast Engine is equipped to handle anomalous situations and unexpected events. It can realign supply planning, balance inventory based on rules, and adjust forecast variations caused by undetectable scenarios like chip shortages. Anomaly detection is at the core of our Forecast Engine, leveraging machine learning to identify anomalies in real-time and alert users.

Business Scenario Analysis

Transition from predictive to cognitive with business scenario analysis for demand planning and inventory planning. Algo detects anomalies, determines their root causes, and presents scenarios to address them. With Algo’s narrative engine, results of the analysis and recommended next actions are presented in an easy-to-understand narrative.

User-guided Forecasts

The Forecast Engine empowers users to select key dimensions such as retailer, product, and seasonality. Users can then select the forecast method, provide the necessary inputs, and determine the forecast horizon and scenario. The Forecast Engine generates the forecast and provides the Open-to-Buy (OTB) for the given time period.

User guided Forecasts

Key Features


Method Planner

The Method Planner is the user-friendly front-end interface for the Forecast Engine. It enables users to select the product, channel, time horizon, and method for each forecast. Users can tweak forecast settings based on business insights and easily add or remove metrics from the visualization.


Advanced visualization and reporting

The generated forecast can be viewed visually alongside several other chosen metrics. All calculated measures are also visible as a table that users can download as an Excel sheet. Once reviewed and adjusted, forecasts can be saved and committed with a single click.

Why choose Algo Forecast Engine?

Today’s market dynamics require advanced forecasting capabilities to navigate uncertainty and drive better business decisions. Traditional forecasting models often fall short when it comes to accounting for multiple variables and unexpected events. Organizations need intelligent and adaptive systems that can keep pace with rapidly evolving market trends. Algo’s Forecast Engine is designed to provide just that.


forecast accuracy


Efficient anomaly
detection and resolution


decision making


Enhanced visibility
into forecast metrics

Streamlined user experience with Method Planner


Real-time alerts and notifications for anomalies


Seamless integration with internal and external data

Forecast at scale. Drive more business.