Transforming retail with Algo

In an era of evolving consumer behavior and market trends, retailers are continually challenged to stay ahead. Whether it’s predicting demand, optimizing inventory, planning promotions, or managing omnichannel operations, Algo’s powerful solutions are here to empower retailers with everything they need to excel.

Managing complexity in modern retail


Omnichannel Inventory Management

Managing inventory across multiple channels, including online and in-store, requires real-time visibility and control.


Accurate demand forecasting

Understanding and planning for customer demand is crucial for inventory planning, pricing strategies, and more.

Icon Efficient order management

Strategic Pricing and Promotions

Implementing effective pricing and promotional strategies can drive sales but requires detailed analysis and planning.

Assortment and Planogram Management

Creating the optimal assortment and product placement in stores is vital for maximizing sales and customer satisfaction.

New-product Planning and Merchandising

Successfully planning and launching new products and organizing merchandise require insights, analytics, and responsive tools.

Algo’s Solutions for Retailers

Intelligent omnichannel management

Intelligent omnichannel management

Algo's omnichannel Inventory Manager provides a unified view of inventory across all channels, allowing for responsive control and planning.

Comprehensive demand forecasting

Comprehensive demand forecasting

With our proprietary forecasting engine and purpose-built solutions for long-range, mid-to-short-range, and channel-specific demand planning, Algo ensures accurate demand insights across all time horizons.

Dynamic Pricing and Promotion Planning

Dynamic pricing and promotion planning

Leverage Algo's Promo Planner and Pricing Simulator to create and analyze pricing and promotional strategies that resonate with your market.

Effective assortment and planogram design

Utilize Algo's Assortment Optimizer and Planogram Manager to create store layouts and assortments that enhance customer experience and drive sales.

New product and merchandise planning

New product and merchandise planning

Algo's New Product Planner and Merchandise Planner support the successful planning, launch, and arrangement of new products and merchandise.

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Realize enhanced retail outcomes

Results and outcomes

Clients using Algo typically report a significant increase in sales forecast accuracy, leading to improved sales performance and customer satisfaction. They also experience efficiency gains, freeing up time for strategic activities that drive growth.

Take Your Retail Business To The Next Level

Embrace the future of retail success with Algo. Our comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to address the unique challenges faced by retailers, providing the insights and tools needed to thrive. Request a free demo of Algo’s platform today, and set your retail business on a path to unprecedented growth.