Simulations studio.

If you can think it, Algo can simulate it.

Insights That
Drive ROI

Algo puts the insights that matter most to you, front and center, saving you from having to go fishing for anomalies that are easily lost amidst hundreds of KPIs. Think of Algo as the supercharger powering your Smart Supply Chain, maximizing revenue and profit performance while optimizing spend.

Agnostic Data

Everything Algo does starts and ends with data: connect, aggregate, scrub, label – our digital transformation platform connects any supply chain data, any platform, any format … anywhere. We like to think of it as data in motion fueling the engine that powers growth and drives efficiencies throughout your supply chain.


Understanding AI possibilities is as important as understanding its limitations. Algo uses the power of data science to complement human creativity; leveraging machines and algorithms to organize data and automate repetitive tasks, and human beings to interpret the output – making it meaningful and actionable.

Short- & Long-Range Forecasting

forecast accuracy.

Algo provides the canvas for business users to create forecast models based on the nuances unique to every organization. Layer multiple forecast methodologies, add a promotion, seasonality lift, unforeseen disruptions, weather data; accurate forecasting is equal parts science and art.

Store Allocation

SKU/store combinations.

Just like forecasting, product allocation is a balancing act to ensure you place inventory where it has the greatest ROI potential; keeping your top performers on top while investing the right amount to grow your lower performing stores. Algo optimizes hundreds-of-millions of SKU/Store combinations every day.

Lost Sales Simulation

Predict sales

Algo helps you predict sales opportunities by anticipating out-of-stocks and open-to-buy constraints allowing for flexibility in altering inventory strategies that support topline revenue and profitable product mix.

Text to Chat

Run simulations by asking Algo a question.

Powered by our natural-language processing engine and predictive text capabilities.

Reimagine sales & operations planning.


MDF Simulation

Algo helps you build more predictable and reliable MDF spend forecasts by optimizing end-to-end process for allocating funds, forecasting marketing event outcomes, approving programs, and tracking and measuring program ROI, ensuring you place funds where they will have the greatest impact.


Promotion Planner

There’s more to promotion planning than offering a discount to stimulate sales. Algo helps you predict consumer behavior by creating simulations, factoring demographic data and product attribution, that model lift, elasticity, margin impact and over all costs associated with all promotion types.


Assortment Planner

Algo helps you create assortment simulations factoring localization impacts including regional, demographic, 3rd-party data and historical performance to optimize production and place the right SKUs, styles and sizes in the right store, on the right shelf.


Price Elasticity

Algo’s price elasticity and gap analysis helps you make informed pricing decisions by simulating an unlimited number of pricing scenarios, based on a variety of inputs including cost changes, margin goals, promotional, competitive and retailer-specific impacts.

Every business solution begins as a business challenge.

Algo knows your data and speaks your language, so you can ask big questions, and we can solve them together.

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