Power Up Your Operations

Operations professionals form the backbone of the retail industry, ensuring a seamless flow of goods from suppliers to customers. However, the dynamic retail environment brings its own set of challenges – from maintaining optimum inventory levels to managing supplier relationships. Algo is here to help you overcome these obstacles with smart, data-driven solutions.

Navigate Critical Operational Obstacles


Managing Inventory

Maintaining the right inventory level is a delicate balancing act. Overstocking can lead to increased costs and waste, while understocking can result in lost sales and disappointed customers.


Supplier Management

Building and maintaining productive relationships with suppliers requires efficient communication, accurate demand forecasting, and timely order management.


Operational Efficiency

Optimizing operations to minimize costs while maintaining high service levels can be a complex, time-consuming task.

Algo’s Solution for Operations Professionals

AI-Enhanced Inventory Management

Algo's Intelligent Inventory Optimizer utilizes AI and analytics to optimize inventory levels, effectively reducing overstock and avoiding stockouts. Complementing this, the Inventory Balancer maintains balanced inventory levels across various locations or channels, enhancing overall efficiency and providing a comprehensive approach to inventory management.

Demand Forecasting and Planning

Demand Forecasting and Planning

Algo's suite includes the Long-Range Demand Planner for forecasting and planning demand over extended time horizons, the Mid-to-Short-Range Demand Planner for aligning with current market trends, and Demand Forecasting as a Service, a subscription-based service offering robust demand forecasting capabilities through advanced analytics and AI.

Operational Efficiency and Channel Management

The Control Tower & Advanced Analytics tool offers a holistic view of supply chain operations with oversight and analytics for improved decision-making. Channel Allocation Planner & Omnichannel Inventory Manager specialize in planning, allocating, and managing inventory across various channels, ensuring effective balancing of supply and demand.

Specialized Planning and Optimization

Algo’s Replenishment & Allocation Manager manages replenishment and allocation across channels or locations for efficient stock movement. Algo Planogram Manager and Planogram Optimizer enhance retail spaces by managing visual representation and optimizing product placement within stores.

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Realize the Advantages of Smart Operations

Results and outcomes

Clients using Algo typically report a significant increase in sales forecast accuracy, leading to improved sales performance and customer satisfaction. They also experience efficiency gains, freeing up time for strategic activities that drive growth.

Enhance Your Operations Today

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