What if we gave inventory a voice?

Meet our Insights Studio.

Insights That
Drive ROI

Algo puts the insights that matter most to you, front and center, saving you from having to go fishing for anomalies that are easily lost amidst hundreds of KPIs. Think of Algo as the supercharger powering your Smart Supply Chain, maximizing revenue and profit performance while optimizing spend.

Agnostic Data

Everything Algo does starts and ends with data: connect, aggregate, scrub, label – our digital transformation platform connects any supply chain data, any platform, any format … anywhere. We like to think of it as data in motion fueling the engine that powers growth and drives efficiencies throughout your supply chain.


Understanding AI possibilities is as important as understanding its limitations. Algo uses the power of data science to complement human creativity; leveraging machines and algorithms to organize data and automate repetitive tasks, and human beings to interpret the output – making it meaningful and actionable.

Clustering On-Demand

cluster segmentation.

Group stores based on performance and other user-defined criteria to identify top performers and actionable insights used to optimize SKU/Store combinations across all retailers.

Anomaly Detection

High impact
actionable insights.

Quickly identify exceptions that fall outside of normal KPI parameters. With optimized Weeks of Supply at the SKU/Store level, Algo helps you identify stocking issues before they happen, minimize Out-Of-Stocks, and brings the highest impact, actionable insights to the forefront.

It’s not just a supply chain, it’s a living network of people working together.

Supply Chain
Operations Executive

Algo helps you sell more product, in the most cost efficient way, driving ROI by placing the right inventory, in the right place, at the right time.


Algo does all the data assembly and prep work, enabling you to get straight to work forecasting demand to ensure your product is always available for customers while balancing financial KPIs.


Algo gives you back the countless hours spent assembling spreadsheets and modeling data, freeing you to focus on evaluating the insights that have the greatest impact on your business.

Retail Space

Algo serves up the insights that allow you to make strategic decisions that impact the entire store space allocation, customer experience and financial ROI.


Algo delivers granular, SKU/Store level insights and planogram performance, providing the information you need to collaborate with buyers and inventory managers to optimize localized space configurations.

Senior Retail

Algo supercharges product category performance across your entire omni-channel, retail and distribution networks, maximizing profit and revenue while optimizing spend.

Creative Intelligence

AI powered, human experienced.

Algo knows your data and using Natural Language Processing, speaks your language.

Insights to take on your toughest challenges.

We provide a foundation of meaningful and actionable insights to drive ROI.

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