Collaboration studio.

Sophisticated supply chain analytics with world-leading communication platforms gives you Collaborative Business Intelligence.

Insights That
Drive ROI

Algo puts the insights that matter most to you, front and center, saving you from having to go fishing for actionable anomalies and exceptions. Think of Algo as the supercharger powering your Smart Supply Chain, maximizing revenue and profit performance while optimizing spend.

Agnostic Data

Everything Algo does starts and ends with data: connect, aggregate, scrub, label – our digital transformation platform connects any supply chain data, any platform, any format … anywhere. We like to think of it as data in motion fueling the engine that powers growth and drives efficiencies throughout your supply chain.


Understanding the possibilities of AI is as important as understanding its limitations. Algo uses the power of data science to complement human creativity; leveraging machines and algorithms to organize data and automate repetitive tasks; and human beings to interpret outputs – making them both meaningful and actionable.

Like A Colleague

Get things done,

Algo works where you work; always at your side. Our Natural Language, conversational user interface makes it easy to ask a question and action the answer. Algo is a great listener and takes direction well – and Algo pays attention to how you like to work, always at the ready when you need something fast.

Teams™ Collaboration

Unleash the
potential of many.

It takes a village to effectively manage a supply chain; many people playing many roles, collaborating cross-functionally to analyze, strategize and execute. Algo integrates with communication platforms like Microsoft Teams™, Slack™, Facebook Workplace™ and Google Meet™, always at the ready to collaborate and take action.

The power of collaboration.

We were named a Gartner Cool Vendor in analytics and data science report.

Humanizing the way AI turns insights into opportunity.

Algo knows your data and speaks your language, so you can ask big questions, and we can solve them together. AI doesn’t just provide answers, it reshapes human experiences with data.

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